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Dec 10, 2018. -Tal Blair

Patient A/Patient B: A Thought Experiment

This blog discusses how in many cases of pain and dysfunction the patient may have many "findings", though asks how we may explain these findings in light of a separate, better iteration of said patient

Aug 18, 2018. -Tal Blair

Wear and Tear

This blog discusses how patients may view tissues and how our beliefs are influential.

March, 19, 2018. -Tal Blair

Phase 1 progressions for knee patients

This blog discusses early on options for spicing up simple mundane exercise, to facilitate user engagement and performance

Feb 3, 2018. -Tal Blair

Improving Knee Extension after Total Knee Arthroplasty

This blog discusses using visual feedback to cue a early post op patient through quad setting, short-arc-quad, SLR and progress to CKC knee extension.

JAN 17, 2018- Eric Dinkins

Shoulder Instability and Joint Position Sense Error

This blog discusses using visual feedback to diagnose and quantify poor positional awareness capability associated with shoulder instability

DEC 12, 2017- Eric Dinkins

Visual Inputs and Motor Learning:

A Christmas Special! This blog talks about how vision is involved in motor learning, and how we can use current research to apply lmotor control learning principals to our rehab.

deep neck flexor strength exercise

DEC 8, 2017- Tal Blair

Deep Neck Flexor Strength:

This blog talks on some various considerations in applying typical rehab interventions such as deep neck flexor strength, and beyond.

JUNE 4, 2017- Tal Blair


This blog will discuss some thoughts toward WAD diagnosis, its’ unique attributes and potential rehab strategies.

MAY 17, 2017- Tal Blair

Fluid Motion: 

pain & free flow: How multiple aspects of pain experience can inhibit our free flow

AUG. 18, 2017 - Eric Dinkins

Why aren’t we turning the light switch off more?

APRIL 2, 2017- Eric Dinkins

What is my Inferior Temporal Gyrus?...

And why haven’t I up-trained this beast for my ACL Clients?

MARCH 7, 2017 - Eric Dinkins

Ensuring Good Performance Strategies:

Striving for the "Triple Play"...


FEB 3, 2017 - Tal Blair

Tactile Chicken Soup for the Brain:


JAN. 9, 2017- Eric Dinkins

Lunge Position & Patellofemoral Stresses


JAN 1, 2017- Eric Dinkins

Anterior Knee pain and the influence of the retro-patellar fat pad –Part II


DEC. 16, 2016. -Eric Dinkins

Anterior Knee pain and the influence of the retro-patellar fat pad –Part I


OCT. 15, 2016. -Eric Dinkins

Proprioception- where you are in space, and more


AUG. 18, 2016. - Eric Dinkins

Is Manual Therapy a Gateway Drug?


June 25, 2016. - Tal Blair

The Motion Guidance Concept

A background on proprioception, body awareness, and use of the Motion Guidance laser pointer visual feedback system.


MAY 2, 2016 - Tal Blair

Mini-Blog: Extension Intolerance


9MAY. 16, 2016 - Eric Dinkins

Is "The Core" a Turn On, or a Turn Off?


APRIL 10, 2016 - Eric Dinkins

Seeing the World Normal Again:

an investigation into joint positional error.


March 17, 2016 - Eric Dinkins

Receding Hair Lines and Joint Lines

... A Process of Life


FEB 23, 2016 - Eric Dinkins

The Psoas Conundrum

... a journey into the tenderloin


FEB 4, 2016 - Tal Blair

Load and Reload

insight into heavy metal's subliminal physio messages...


NOV 7, 2015 - Tal Blair

Resting Stress Face



NOV 1, 2015 - Eric Dinkins

Youth ACL Injuries



OCT 20, 2015 - Eric Dinkins

Integrating Modern Technology into Your Practice

Without blowing your client out of the water...


OCT 16, 2015 - Tal Blair

Changing Movement Patterns..

not for the sake of correcting them, but for the sake of changing inputs to all-ready sensitized tissue while continuing to load the body


SEP 10, 2015 - Tal Blair


Fear of movement, and changing context


AUG 8, 2015 - Tal Blair

Terminal Knee Extension

Getting things straight


AUG 6, 2015 - Eric Dinkins

Standardized Sport Testing

Have we standardized anything yet??


JAN 1, 2015 - Eric Dinkins

If the Patient can't Feel it, they Wont Change it...



APRIL 1, 2015 - Eric Dinkins

Visual Feedback with Shoulder Function

Shoulder joint positional awarenss