Clinician Laser Kit - Battery Operated – Motion Guidance

Clinician Laser Kit - Battery Operated

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This MG kit is our "battery operated" kit. The Motion Guidance battery operated Clinician kit is a rehabilitation and training tool that offers a simple way to add laser pointer visual feedback external cues to your rehab sessions and home exercise program. This kit comes with 2 battery powered lasers (powered with common watch batteries). With the Motion Guidance system, you can add novel neuromuscular control component to virtually any aspect of rehab. For patients and athletes this feedback is intuitive, and allows instant recognition of motor control, as well a way to train and assess simultaneously.

• Pack Includes
- Case
- 2 Mountable Battery Powered Lasers
- 2 of Each Mounting Piece
- 4 Hygienic body straps (XL,L,M,S)
- 2 Suction Hooks and 4 Sticky Hooks
- Double Sided Thick 3x5' Tracking Grid
- Thin 4x4' Tracking Grid ("Motion Maze")
- 1 Numbered "Floor Target" (also hangable)
- 30 Batteries

Everything You Need to Equip Your Clinic with Visual Feedback!