Motion Guidance Laser Visual Feedback Kit

The Clinician Kit

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This is our latest generation of the Motion Guidance "Clinician Kit" . The Clinician Kit includes everything you need to set your clinic up with visual feedback, for any body part! The Clinic Kit comes with one green rechargeable laser laser (low level, 1mW power), 4 hygienic body straps (S,M,L,XL) which compliment any body part and easily clean between patients, and a variety of tracking mounts and targets.

Here's a look at what you are getting:

  • A Soft-Shell Case
  • 1 Green Laser with Case and USB/Wall Charging Components
  • 2 of Each Mounting Piece (Flat and Perpendicular)
  • 1 Extra Large, 1 Large, 1 Medium, and 1 Small Hygienic Body Straps (Wipeable Material)
  • 2 Suction Hooks and 4 Sticky Hooks
  • A Double Sided Thick 3x5' Tracking Grid
  • A Thin 4x4' "Maze and Clock" Hangable Grid
  • 1 Colored Silicone Hangable "Circle Target"


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