Distributor Pack: Shoulder or Foot/Ankle Laser Kit - 5 pk – Motion Guidance

Distributor Pack: Shoulder or Foot/Ankle Laser Kit - 5 pk

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How do I become a MotionGuidance® distributor of Visual Home Exercise Kits? Most users of the MotionGuidance system are using our visual feedback tool for various rehab needs in an exercise setting with their clients. For clients who want to utilize this training as part of their home exercise program, we offer a solution that allows you to purchase in bulk at special rates, so you can stock and sell Visual Home Exercise Packs to your clients.

As a vendor of MotionGuidance®, you can order in bulk 5 packs and get FREE SHIPPING on your Visual Home Exercise Packs

Each "Shoulder" patient pack is complete with 3 batteries, our smallest strap (for forearm or forefoot), a parallel mount, a hangable tracking grid with wall hooks and a laser.

Give your client the advantage of Motion Guidance training at home. Patient Packs come ready to hand over to your client. Patient packs will not only offer your patients an excellent training tool for home use, they will create revenue as patient packs are sold to clinics in a bulk (5 packs per order), with a built-in discounted rate (we suggest reselling at a price point of $59-79 per patient pack).