FOLLOW ME LASER – Motion Guidance


If you are a fan of our MotionGudiance® Clinican kit, heres a great add-on: the FOLLOW-ME laser can be used by the clinician to add a visual cue to guide desired or undesired motion, or as a marker for eye tracking (for example, follow the circle laser with your eyes only, and track the grid with your head only)... This opens up some nice options for vestibular treatment, as well as general ROM treatment where you'd like to guide the client where to go....


The FOLLOW-ME laser is a corded laser that plugs into standard outlet (no batteries needed) with 9 feet of distance so you can plug in wherever there is an outlet nearby. The laser comes with standard on/off switch located on the cord istelf, and has a manual focusing tip that allows you to bring the circle shape into focus.


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