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Interview with Dr. Jonathan Chung

Dr. Chung is the owner of Keystone Chiropractic and Neuroplasticiy in Florida, USA. He has a post-graduate certification in upper cervical spine care and is a diplomate of the Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience. Eric sits down with Dr. Chung to discuss his journey to clinical ownership and becoming a total health promoter in his community, his personal health challenges, functional pain syndromes, Olympic lifting, finding a work – life balance, and the challenge of treating humans. He can be followed at @keystoneneuro and @drjonathanchung.

MARCH, 2022




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This is a great time to ask questions, learn about new techniques, and discuss ideas on how to use current concepts in rehabilitation to best serve your clients.



Interview with Dr. Matthew Antonucci

Dr. Matthew Antonucci In this episode, Eric speaks with Dr. Matt Antonucci, DC, owner at Plasticity Center, Board Certified in Childhood Developmental Disorders, Neurochemistry and Nutrition, Vestibular Disorders, and President of the American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation. He is an expert in Functional Neurology, is an instructor at the Carrick Institute of Neurology, and runs a cash-based business primarily out of Florida, USA. He may be most well-known for his work with athletes like Sydney Crosby and others to return to sport participation after concussion. We discuss his background and influencers, his clinical experience with Motion Guidance, current best practice in TBI, sports concussion treatment, the concept of Neural Optimization. He can be followed at @brainguru or @plasticitydrs.

MARCH, 2022



Movement Disorders and Parkinsons' Disease

This discussion focuses on integrating Motion Guidance visual feedback for different Movement Disorder populations including: Parkinson's, Orthostatic Tremor, and more.

FEB, 2022



Enhancing Post OP-ACL and Total-Knee Rehab

This discussing is about using immediate visual feedback during different stages of rehabilitation for ACL reconstructions and TKA. These applications are a favorite of MG users, and can be super helpful for both clinicians and their clients!

FEB, 2022



A Chat with Erson Religioso, @modermmanualtherapy

Dr. E and Dr. E discuss resent day challenges in PT, visual feedback using Motion Guidance, social media influences on rehabilitation, and more!! This chat features Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, MS, MTC, CertMDT, CFC, CertMST, FAAOMPT and also known @modermmanualtherapy

JAN, 2022



Billing, Coding and Driving Revenue with MotionGuidance®

Eric reviews the options for billing and coding while clinicians use Motion Guidance in the clinic. He also discusses the benefits from utilizing Patient Packs for developing extra revenue, which patient populations appear to benefit more, and how to access this option.

FEB 4th at 8:15 AM PST (9:15 AM MST, 11:15 AM EST)




Talking Parkinson's Disease in the Aging Individuals with Karl Sterling

Karl is a published author and Personal trainer that has progressed into mostly private pay specializing in the older population with movement disorders. He has authored 2 different books on Parkinson’s Disease and non-pharmalogical treatment. In this Live discussion, Eric and Karl discuss his books and education, the benefits of adding Motion Guidance to the movement disorder populations, and some of the challenges that clinicians face to prevent the progression of disease.

DEC, 2021



Topic: Golf Applications Using MotionGuidance® Clinician Kit Products

This live stream event will focus on golf specific applications using Motion Guidance for staying on plane, putting, leg drive and trunk rotation for power, and weight shift.


Vestibular Applications with MotionGuidance® Visual Feedback

Nov 19th, 2021

The Knee: Squat progressions and post-operative rehabilitation

OCT 29th, 2021

External Focus of Attention using Motion Guidance

SEP 3rd, 2021

Head & Neck Joint Position Sense Error Testing using Motion Guidance

AUG 2021