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Motion Maze Tracking Grid

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The Motion Maze grid combines a circular maze that takes the user into all quadrants of movement, to challenge fine motor skill. The grid is a thin flag that is 4'x4' in size. Time yourself for objective measurement! The flag also features a clock so you can create unpredictable drills by calling out numbers, or have the user dial out numbers, as well as test joint positional awareness for each number. This is a great tracking grid for cervical proprioception, shoulder proprioception, and other visual laser pointer exercise drills. Get creative in rehab with this tracking grid!

All "circles" on this tracking grid are also standardized to test and train "joint positional awareness" based on research by Treleaven et al. noting accuracy returning to a target 14cm in diameter from a distance of 90cm from target. Attempt to relocate these circles (all numbers of clock, and center circle) from 90cm during eyes open/closed "JPE testing", if unalble to land in the circle with numerous attempts this may represent error in proprioceptive awarness.