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Interactive Targets Instruction



BASIC SET UP:Your kit comes complete with 5 MotionGuidance® Interactive PODS, 4 sizes of straps for use on head, trunk, shoulder, or leg, velcro sticky mount pads, adjustable magnet mounts, and the MotionGuidance® combo laser/IR light.

Tips for best use:

MotionGuidance® Interactive pods are a great addition to any standard rehab drill involving coordination, focus, and movement. You can be as creative as you like in creating exercise drills with the light-up pods. Examples may be wearing on the head, and standing in tandom stance as you play challenging games, standing on one leg and wearing the laser on the trunk, or working shoulder ROM via hitting different targets.

For best target response, AIM the pod at the user, and be within 5 feet of the pod. You can adjust how the laser is facing by using the magnetic mount and tilting the face of the mount toward the user. For best use, rotate the pod so that the "sensor window" is on the side of the pod that the user is moving toward (for instance if the pod is to the persons LEFT, the sensor window should be on the FAR LEFT end of the pod...this allows for a better sensitivity- see basic set up video below for more info).


Download the MotionGuidance® interactive app in the APPLE STORE or GOOGLE PLAY STORE by searching "motion guidance interactive". Next, install the app, and open up one of the games (full descriptions and examples below). Power on each POD you are using by pressing the small circular power button on the side of the pod. Click the "connect" button on the game you choose, and the app will sense how many pods are connected and pair with them. Once you understand the parameters of the game, press "START" and begin!

To charge the pods, simply connect via USB charge cord. Pods can be turned off, but will also power off after a few minutes of non-use.

To charge the Laser/IR combo, connect via USB charge cord.

Mounting the laser: our laser mounts with the parallel and perpendicular mount system, similar to all MotionGuidance® systems. For more info and demos of using this strap and mounting system, please refer to our homepage and product videos.









COLORS: choose your color

TARGETS: select how many targets you want to light up at once

DELAY: select the delay time between hitting the target and the next target lighting up

TIMEOUT: select the time the target/targets will stay lit, before changing.

LIGHT-SOUND: turn the audible beep on or off

TOUCH-SOUND: if using the touch feature (under “sensor”) choose whether you want the target to beep when you touch it.

SENSOR: Choose LASER ( to activate the target with the MotionGuidance® mounted laser, this is default) or TOUCH (if you want to touch activated targets)

FLASH: Turn on or off depending if you want the lasers to flash each time they light up.

HEART ICON: save your favorite settings under different names

TIMER: set a time, or keep it at infinity (defalt)

START DELAY: add delay to the start of the game.