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Featuring the Motion Guidance System:

We would like to introduce you to a proud affiliate of the Carrick Institute, Motion Guidance. Practitioners of clinical neuroscience are successfully integrating the Motion Guidance visual feedback tool into their practices all over the world. 

The concept is simple: adding visual feedback external cues to any body part, to assess deficits in positional awareness, fine motor skill, and coordination. 

Watch a 2 Minute Demo of the Motion Guidance System:


What Clinicians are Saying about Motion Guidance:


as part of our affiliation with the Carrick Institute we offer special discounts to Carrick Institute Members!


integrate motion guidance visual feedback into your clinic today!

The Motion Guidance system is simple and affordable. It comes fully equipped with 2 lasers, 30 batteries, a thick double sided tracking grid with hook hangars, 3 straps to accommodate any body part, and a disc target. 

the deliverable


Motion Guidance also offers a deliverable for your patient, the Motion Guidance "Patient Packs". Packs are sold in bulk, and each pack is ready to hand over to your client, complete for home use. Buy Patient Packs in bulk for discount, and re-sell to clients at suggested MSRP of $75, and profit $35/pack for your clinic ($350 profit from 10 sales)

The Following Institutions are using Motion Guidance Systems in Their Practice: